Avoid costly tire replacements with help from the pros at Butt Ugly Cars.

We are based in Kalamazoo, MI and serve an 50-mile radius

Even the sturdiest tires don't last forever. Most of them last for more than 6 years, but many don't make it past 10 years. If your tires are reaching the end of their run, you can visit Butt Ugly Cars. When the time for tire replacement comes, you can buy used tires from our team.

If you need a new tire, new rim or both, we can sell and mount both in house for you. Tire mounting is not something we recommend doing on your own. In addition to used tires we also sell used rims. We buy junk tires and rims to have options for all makes and models of vehicles. If we don't have a tire option for your vehicle we will try our best to find one.

Damaged Tire? You Don't Have To Replace It - Repair It.

We can work with any type of tire for any type of vehicle. We regularly repair tires that need holes or tears patched after going flat. We offer internal and external repair options.

Reach out to us right away if you need tire repair services.